F64 Server Rules


1. Do not use hacks, macros, or mods beyond the Permitted Modifications Guide.

This rule aims to create a fair and enjoyable playing experience for everyone on feather64. Below, in the Permitted Modifications Guide, you'll find 4 categories of permitted mods. If you'd like to play with mods on feather64, it is your responsibility to ensure you are following the guide.

Permitted Modifications Guide

• Performance Improvement Modifications

Modifications that improve the performance of the Minecraft client without making changes to the game itself, such as modifications which improve frame rates via rendering optimization, are allowed.

• Aesthetic Modifications

Modifications that change the look and feel of the game, such as shaders, resource packs, and lighting/gamma modifications are allowed. Aesthetic modifications cannot be used if they simulate any form of xray or similar hack.

• HUD Modifications

Modifications that alter the HUD without adding extra information which would normally be unavailable to the player are allowed. For example, HUDs which add armor/effect status, are allowed.

• Light QOL Modifications

Modifications that lightly improve the quality of life of a player are allowed. Any modification which allows a player to move or act in a way that is not possible otherwise, is not allowed. Light QOL mods should not break the flow of survival gameplay.
Some Examples of Allowed Modifications
  • Resource Packs & shaders
  • Optifine / Iris / Sodium / Phosphor
  • Xaero's Minimap (Fair-play Edition) - Link - This is the only permitted minimap.
  • Mods which are used for making videos such as Replay Mod.
  • Mods which allow a player to auto-click for AFK farm purposes.
  • Mods which display armor durability / potion effects / inventory as a HUD.
  • Mods which modify the brightness of the world such as fullbright or similar.
  • Mods which add dynamic lighting such as emitting light when holding a torch.
  • Mods which display a schematic guide for a player to manually place blocks (auto-placing is not permitted).
  • Mods which allow a player to view the content of a shulker box in their inventory when hovering over it.
  • Mods which improve the inventory item-moving mouse functionality.
Some Examples of Not Allowed Modifications
  • Baritone or other automation mods.
  • Mods which automatically place blocks for any reason.
  • Mods which allow a player to freecam.
  • Mods which add a rear view "mirror" to the HUD.
  • Mods which allow a player to make movements which would not be possible otherwise.
  • Mods which allow a player to place blocks in a way which would not be possible otherwise.
  • Mods which display nearby player's distance on the HUD.
  • Any Minimap except Xaero's Minimap (Fair-play Edition) - Link.

Permitted mods should not be misused to simulate hacks or hack like behavior.

Any method of simulating xray or similar hacks with vanilla exploits (eg. pieray) will be handled equal to using hacks.

Clients like Lunar may have mods which aren't permitted. If you use a client, please ensure you only use permitted mods.

2. Do not use duplication exploits except TNT, rail, carpet, string, and tripwire hooks.

This rule aims to maintain the balance and overall enjoyment of feather64. Dupes can disrupt the gameplay progression and potentially create an imbalance in the trading economy.

Certain exceptions can add an element of strategic gameplay; these dupes are less disruptive to the gameplay balance. They are often viewed as less of an exploit and more as a feature, creating opportunities for design, construction, and resource management.

Any item which is not listed as an exception should NOT be duplicated even if you feel it is minor.

3. Follow the directions of administrators and moderators.

This rule is used as a catch-all, ensuring any case of unexpected/extreme behavior can be handled. It is quite rare for an admin or mod to give a direction; we allow the community to have full freedom of speech and as little limits as possible.

Directions given by admins or mods are always player-specific, applying only to the individual, not dictating a general rule for all. This means instructions given to other players do not automatically apply to you. If you have not been given any direction from an admin or mod, you cannot be banned for breaking rule 3.

Admins and mods do not need to specify that a direction is official or a 'rule 3 direction'. All directions from admins and mods to players are official and players can be banned for not following them.