1. Do not use macros, mods, or hacked clients. QOL mods are allowed.

  2. Do not use duplication glitches which work on all items. Dupes which work on one item are allowed.

  3. Follow the directions of admins and mods. Directions given to other players do not apply to you.

Loopholes will NOT be honoured. Administrators' discretion will lead.


Below is a table containing server commands available to all players, this table is a summary, non-exhaustive, and not very long. If you're new to playing on non-vanilla servers you should read it all.

If you have any questions about any of these commands please ask an assistant in game.




Links your Discord account with your Minecraft account.

/sethome <home_name>

Sets home to your current location.

/home <home_name>

Teleports you to your home location.

/ignore <player_name>

Ignores another player.

/msg <player_name> [message]

Sends a private message to the specified player.

/r [message]

Quickly reply to the last player who messaged you.

/seen <player_name>

Sees when a player last logged out.


Teleports you to the server spawn location.

/tpa <player_name>

Requests to teleport to the specified player.

/tpahere <player_name>

Requests that the specified player teleport to you.


Accepts an incoming teleport request.

/warp <warp_name>

Warps to any established location ("n", "e", "s", "w", "games", or "ship").


Displays a list of clan commands.


Displays a list of economy commands.


Displays a list of tips, use "/tip <tip_name>" for further information.


Most of our active players are located in North America however all are welcome. Many of our players are friendly and supportive however because we provide very limited moderation, you may find some toxic players. You are able to use type "/ignore <player>" for anyone that bothers you.

We have an active Discord server for feather64. Discord is where we give out important information about the server. You'll find voice channels with active players and text channels with memes etc. If you join the Minecraft server and decide to stick around, please join the discord

You cannot fully access our Discord server until you link your Minecraft account to your Discord account in-game.

Discord Invite


Oversee the entire server (owners)





Punish rule breakers





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