About F64

Feather64 is a no-protection survival server with very little moderation; we allow raids, PvP, and griefing. Hacking is not allowed.
On feather64 you cannot protect or claim land. F64 features a lapis economy, access to /sethome and /tpa, and a clan system.
Full server feature descriptions below.

Play your way on feather64,
Grief and raid, hide and collect, travel and explore, automate and farm, enchant and pvp, design and build.
It's up to you.

Copy IP: feather64.net

F64 Reviews

Minecraft Player Head Largente
The community is incredible, perfect balance between friendly and "toxic" - constantly maintained and upgraded.
Minecraft Player Head jbromack
I love the vanilla feel mixed with the handy and immersive features. F64 rulz
Minecraft Player Head TigheGuy99
Great server with interesting plugins. Best server I've joined in years.
Minecraft Player Head BigBrody8boy
As an active member within the community I heavily support this server.
Minecraft Player Head cppop
Been playing this server for years, has my highest accolades.
Minecraft Player Head Fuzzzeee
I support this server as it creates an environment with the authentic minecraft raiding/griefing feel.
Minecraft Player Head BringMeBiscuits
Honestly this server is the best. No hacking, full freedom SMP, no stupid gimmicks.
Minecraft Player Head Griffy03
Awesome server, so cool, amazing, it really is great but [an] admin called me autistic once :/

F64 Staff

Zerek Administrator Zerek
Shamooone Moderator Shamooone
weep_whale Moderator weep_whale
ALittl3Lucky Moderator ALittl3Lucky
Shrubbby Moderator Shrubbby
jbromack Assistant jbromack
shrimpuz Assistant shrimpuz
TigheGuy99 Assistant TigheGuy99
You? Assistant Minecraft Player

F64 Features

Lapis Economy

Lapis Lapis Lazuli is used as a currency on feather64. Players can /deposit and /withdraw lapis into a personal account. Players can /transfer lapis from their account to other player's accounts.
The trading economy is a large part of gameplay on feather64. Trading allows players to accumulate massive amounts of items/blocks for whatever project they are working on. Keep in mind, scamming is allowed and trades are not insured in any way.

Trading is often done at /warp trade where there are secure rooms for passing items without interference from other players, where one player passes items and the other transfers lapis.

There is also a /market system which allows players to post text ads written in books to the market. /market will show the ads of online players. /market search [term] will display all ads which contain your specified term.


banner Players can create clans which allow groups of players to play together. A clan can set a shared clan home and can use a clan chat to message privately among clan members.
Clan gameplay is a significant part of feather64. Some clans may focus on PvP while others may put all their effort into building aesthetic builds. Whatever your play style, playing with friends in a clan is the most enjoyable way to create memories on feather64.

Clan members can toggle their friendly fire setting to allow PvP with clan mates.

Clan creation cost: 25,000 lapis.
Clan sethome cost: 1,000 Lapis.
Accept a clan invite cost: 100 Lapis.

To create a clan you must have 25,000 Lapis in your account and be holding a banner which will represent your clan at /warp clanhall. Banners cannot be changed after a clan is created.

Silk Touch Spawners

pickaxe Spawners can be mined and collected using pickaxes with the silk touch enchantment. This allows players place spawners wherever they wish for example, to build spawner farms at their base.
The Minecraft silk touch enchantment allows a player to break and collect blocks in minecraft which are normally destroyed forever when broken. Vanilla minecraft does not however allow the collection of spawner blocks.

On feather64, we do not agree with this limit; spawners can be broken and collected using a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment.

End Resets

ender eye The End resets on the 1st and 16th of every month. The end is reset in order to refresh end loot, making it available for new players. Many players jump into The End when it resets for a large PvP fight.
In an effort to allow new players to reasonably loot end cities and obtain an elytra when they reach that point in gameplay, The End dimension is reset twice a month on the 1st and 16th. Without this reset, players who join the server years into a season would have essentially no chance of getting an elytra naturally.

A fun side effect of these resets is that many players like to have a battle immediately after the reset in The End in order to kill the dragon and obtain the new dragon egg.

Head Drops

head Players, monsters, and animals all have a low chance of dropping their head when killed. For the best beheading rate, use an axe. Mobs with color/type variants such as sheep, rabbits, parrots, and more, drop variant heads.
Mob heads are rare items which are fun to collect and display. With a few exceptions listed below, all mobs share the same head drop chance. This means that the heads of mobs which are difficult to find and/or kill are more rare.

Standard Head Drop Chance:
Sword Kills: 0.1% (Looting I: 0.2% - II: 0.3% - III: 0.4%)
Axe Kills: 1% (Best Rate)

Player & Wandering Trader:
Sword Kills: 1% (Looting I: 1.1% - II: 1.2% - III: 1.3%)
Axe Kills: 10% (Best Rate)

All vanilla mob heads drop the vanilla way:
Wither Skeleton - Low chance when killed by player.
Ender Dragon - Collected from End cities.
Skeleton - Killed by charged creeper explosion.
Zombie - Killed by charged creeper explosion.
Creeper - Killed by charged creeper explosion.

Illusioner Summoning

illusioner Summon the Illusioner! This custom boss battle is exclusive to feather64. The illusioner is the only mob that drops totems on feather64, this makes totems quite rare.
The Illusioner is a mob which Mojang created but never added to the game. On feather64, we've used this mob to create a custom boss battle which is known to be very difficult. The Illusioner generally requires a team to fight. Once spawned, she will summon 10 vexes. The illusioner will teleport around nearby players. Her bow can 1 shot players with high tier armor.

To spawn the Illusioner place a Wadering Trader Head atop two Lapis Blocks.

Anti Combat Logging

sword When players engage in PvP, they are tagged as 'in-combat' with a 20 second countdown timer. If a tagged player logs out, an NPC will spawn where they logged off and will drop their inventory if killed.
In order to encourage fair play during PvP encounters on feather64, players who log out during combat are punished. When a player who is tagged as 'in combat' logs out of the server, a NPC is spawned and the player's inventory is stored in the NPC. If the NPC is killed the player's inventory is dropped and the player will log in to the death screen. The spawned NPC does not move and will despawn after 30 seconds. Once the NPC has despawned, the player who combat logged is now safe from any punishment.